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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Vanita Krishnamurthy

“Artists are not natural but evolved within our conceptual milieu”. These are some of Vanita’s first ever equals that kept lingering inside since my very first instant. Everything come to pass rapidly from day one until we huddled again for a absolutely different role all together brought onto one phase.
Opportunity came “knock, knock” onto my housemates door step as I had introduced his flair in arts to Vanitha prior to this. Voguish with shades would perfectly fit his interpretation style of art. and After a few weeks, we geared up to meet Vanita on a preliminary sequel of colors and brush stokes for a unique event. Subsequently, I was in thirst to continue art classes after moving into our new home conveniently with more space and luxury to do so. We teamed up with Vanitha for a make-up and body painting to enhance characters of a beautiful lengths of “Onakali” choreographed by Vanitha herself through two prominent folk dance adaptions of Pulikali and Kummtikali for the Selangor and Federal Territoty Malayalee Association () in conjunction with Onnam Celebration (Thiruvonam..”Keralathin Resennam”). to be Continued

Sunday, October 01, 2006

With one leg in the past and one in the future.. it's no wonder we're pissing on the present! Arreee,rang de basanti..;Paint it yellow...yaar!!

That was my favourite and phunniest lines by Amir Khan and the only notion comes to my mind is Woow, what a blow! No way anticipated such a complete and fine work in a hindi cinema! Its so perfect. Realistic. Seriously very well shot. The scenes, dialogs and even characters are straight out of life. I am purely impressed. Rang de basanti without doubt is a trail breaking film as far as the idea is concerned. I felt like watching one of those Bhagat Singh movies, but it is the 2nd half which completely rocks and hits like a storm. Its 100% a must watch flim!


I talk to my self

My gut knots and ponder
question upon question
With no answers
Like an awkward person to say
a blind soul to listen

Why must I be SILENT
Listening to lies
Why must you
shy away with promises

I am sound
I am a girl
Only weaken by family
at a moment

I feel fragile
my closest chum
tears rolling down
my eyes
not knowing how to deal
at a sum

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

NY Nagaram wasn’t taken at NY. @#%!

Camera tricks! Damn.. technology! Sometimes there are little things in the film fraternity should not be taken for granted. The song was certainly a beautiful piece of work of Ar Rehman. And the shooting wasn’t taken at New York. Isn’t that pathetic! So much energy build into it and at the end of the day isn’t fully appreciated in a wholesome.

Monday, September 25, 2006

back in style!

Pheew! Finally got my hands dirty. Absolutely tied up with Neeew apartment, Neew hse mate and guess what settled with a New job as well. Loads of happenings lately. Shall not waste any minute bragging on all of my new stuffs for now, accept for NY Nagaram! I am telling you, Its like the 100th time I am ACTUALLY listening to this awesome piece of tamil track since I downloaded it onto my Ipod and still couldn’t have enough of the juice. Adadada....What a song! Whaaaat a song!! You are not going to believe this, I even found the lyrics plus with a complete translation in english. Thanks to Vijay.

New York nagaram urangum neram, thanimai adarndadhu.. In the moment when NewYork city went to sleep, loneliness caught me.. Paniyum padarndadhu.. And snow spread all over.. Kappal erangiye kaatrum karaiyil nadandadhu.. (It was so lonely that) Even the breeze got down from the ship and started walking on shores!

Naangu kannadi chuvargalukulle naanum mezhuguvathiyum.. Inside the four glass walls, me and a candlelight Thanimai thanimaiyo.. Kodumai kodumaiyo.. How lonely... how trecherous...

Paechelaam thalaatu pola ennai uranga veikka nee illai Oh beloved, you are not here to put me to sleep with the lullaby talk of yours Nilavin oliyin mutham thandhu kaalai coffee kudukka nee illai You are not here to kiss me in moonlight and give me coffee in the morning Vizhiyil vizhum dhoosi thannai naaval edukka nee ingu illai You are not here to blow my eyes when dirt falls into my eyes Manadhil ezhum kuzhapam thannai theerka nee inge illai.. You are not here to clear the confusions of my heart

Naan inge neeyum ange, indha thanimaiyil nimishangal varusham aanadheno? I'm here & you are there, In this loneliness, minutes have become years! Vaan inge neelam ange, indha oovamaiku eruvarum vilakam aanadheno? The sky is here & the color blue is there, Why did we become an example to that simile?!

Naatkurippil nooru thadavai undhan peyarai ezhudhum en pena My pen wrote your name 100 times in my daily planner Ezhudhiyadhum erumbu moikka peyarum aanadhena thenaa? Just as I wrote, ants came from all over, did your name turn into honey?

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.. Jil endru bhoomi irundhum, indha tharunathil kulir kaalam kodai aanadheno? Even in this chill weather why is this winter season like hot summer to me?

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh..
Vaa anbe neeyum vandhal senthanal kuda panikatti pole marumae.. Oh beloved, come to me.. if you are here even a burning charcoal will become a snowball !
Yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh..